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    shake + take pill bottle

    Flip-top pill box that dispenses one pill at a time

    • Weight: 44 g/1.6 oz
    • Dimensions: H: 99 mm x Diameter: 66 mm/H: 3.9 in x Diameter: 2.6 in
    • Germ-free one-pill-at-a-time pill bottle
    • Pill bottle can contain and dispense pills of most shapes and sizes
    • Flip-up/flip-down pill bottle lid easy on hands and wrists; no twisting or turning
    • Lockable expiry month dial on inner lid of pill bottle
    • Pill bottle dispenser opening cork ensures containment during rough travel
    • BPA-free
    • Easily hand-washable

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    • SHAKE is a Well Designed Useful Container
      We use SHAKE as a quick and convenient way to keep up with daily vitamins. My 12 year old son can easily shake a single vitamin from the SHAKE easy pill dispenser without the difficulty of child safety containers. There is also a useful date wheel cleverly designed into the lid that tracks the expiration date of your pills if necessary.
      From: niecyisms | Created on: 4/2/14
    • Looks cool
      Just one question - how secure is the lid? Will it pop open in my bag?
      From: Guest | Created on: 5/2/12

      Thanks! To answer your question, the top lid clips open and closed on a hinge and should not pop open on its own. If you're taking Shake with you on-the-go there's a special removable cork stored at the bottom of Shake that can be removed and placed in the hole of at the top of Shake to ensure that pills don't spill into the closed cap during travel.

    • Don't get it
      How is this different from a regular pill bottle?
      From: Guest | Created on: 5/2/12

      Shake is much more than your average pill bottle, and it is used differently. :) You fill it up with your pills, close the lid, shake, and it dispenses 1-2 pills into the top of the lid, so when you open the cap you can drop them into your hand and take them. Unlike a regular pill bottle, you won't end up holding a handful of unused pills that you need to return to the bottle. Shake is much more hygienic. Another great feature of Shake is its inset expiry dial, in the lid, so you can set your pills' expiry. Lastly, Shake comes with a little cork to insert into the top hole if you want to take Shake with you on-the-go. This cork ensures that pills won't spill into the lid during rough travel.

    Design Inspiration

    We wanted to create an alternative bottle-style pill box that would be more stylish and more fun to use, that would sit on bedside table or kitchen counter and be the first thing you reach for in the morning, that would help you stick to your daily vitamin or pill routine. It was an intriguing design challenge.

    It was important for us that the pill box cap would be easy to open and not strain the hands and wrists. It was also important to us that the pill box would only release one or two pills at a time, to reduce handling of pills and germ transfer.

    And so we created the SHAKE pill bottle-inspired pill box. Transfer your pills into the SHAKE pill box, close the lid, shake, open the lid and retrieve one or two pills from the tray.

    The SHAKE pill box lid is inset with an expiry date dial and there’s an inset cork caddy at the bottom of the pill box so you can plug the pill box opening to ensure pills remain inside the pill box (rather than rattle around on the tray under the lid) during rough travel.

    The SHAKE pill box is guaranteed to make taking your pills safer, easier, and yes - even fun!

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