Our Founder
Our Founder

The pill box. The cane. The shower seat. Why should the products we use every day be cheap, poorly designed, ugly, and make us feel bad? Shouldn’t the things we use daily aspire to the highest standards of utility, design, and aesthetic? Shouldn’t we enjoy using them?


These were the questions I found myself asking in fall 2009. Pregnant with our first child, my wife Liron looked everywhere for a nice pill box for her prenatal vitamins, to no avail. At the same time, my mother, in her late 60s, had taken on a project to upgrade the bathroom and could not find affordable, easy-to-install handle bars, shower seat, and other such safety products except low-quality, geriatric-looking ones. Then, my childhood friend David injured his right leg in a car accident and couldn’t find a walking cane that he wasn’t embarrassed to use in public.


There was a distinct lack of beautifully designed products in all three of these categories, and so I decided I would do it myself. I would redesign these products. I would make them clever. Beautiful. High quality. And most importantly, a joy to use.


I started with Liron. For her, I commissioned the creation of the THRIVE Line, a series of beautiful-looking, easy-to-use pill organizers and accessories that inspire people to remember and feel good about their daily pill, vitamin and supplement regimens. Next came David and the ROAM Line, a collection of brave and beautiful high-quality walking canes and accessories that offer both unparalleled support and style. Last but not least, my mom’s FLEX Line (Coming soon!) - a series of clever, multi-purpose household helping devices that boost accessibility and comfort while adding a fashionable flair to any home décor.


This is just the beginning. Sabi represents my ongoing mission to offer smart, well-designed, high-quality products that assist with day-to-day chores and make doing them easier and more fun. I want to do my part to elevate peoples’ experience of everyday life; motivate them to live life to its fullest; and help them accept themselves, with all their (beautiful) imperfections.


Assaf Wand,
Founder & CEO


Brands that inspire me:


Bang & Olufsen