Carafe Grande

BPA free
Pill box + water bottle

All-in-one pill box and water bottle

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Product features

  • Screw-on cap doubles as XL pill box with 2 compartments
  • Wide-mouth bottle makes filling, drinking, and washing easy
  • Flip-up spout lets you drink without removing bottle cap
  • Lid peels back for easy pill fill-up and extraction
  • Environmentally friendly reusable water bottle
  • Hand-washable
  • BPA-free
  • Capacity: Bottle holds 600ml/20oz water
  • Weight: 100g/3.5oz
  • Dimensions: H: 235mm x Diameter: 79mm/H: 9.3in x Diameter: 3.1in


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Design Inspiration

Have you ever been on the bus or subway or in the middle of the street, or in the car on your way to or from work, and realized that you needed to take a pill but you didn’t have any water to wash it down?

Or, did it ever happen that you got fed up fishing around in your bag with one hand for your pill case while your other hand was tied up with a water bottle?

If this describes you then Carafe Grande was made for you. Carafe Grande is a reusable plastic water bottle and pill box all in one. It’s built for travel. Take it with you wherever you go.

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