BPA free
Weekly pill box

Weekly a.m./p.m. pill box

Product features

  • Capacity: 6 capsules per day
  • 7 x 2-compartment (a.m./p.m.) pill box inscribed for each day of the week
  • Looks like Molskine-style memo book
  • Durable elastic band ensures secure closure
  • Universal flip-open lid makes loading and extracting pills easy
  • Rounded pill box compartments make pills easy to extract
  • Cloth-cleanable
  • BPA-free
  • Weight: 160g/5.6oz
  • Dimensions: H: 171mm x W: 97mm x D: 22mm/H: 6.7in x W: 3.8in x D: 0.9in
    Compartments: W: 20mm x L: 36mm x D: 14mm/W: 0.8in x L: 1.4in x D: 0.6in


  • Doubles as a jewellery box
    I found this when hunting for a travel case for my jewellery - something that would keep small earrings and fine chains neat and tidy. Nearly all jewellery cases I've found seem hopelessly poorly designed and often come in pretty revolting colours/fabrics. I thought I'd try this as a smart alternative and it works great - everything stays neatly in place, I never have to dig for anything, or go crazy trying to untangle a chain or try not to panic when I think I've lost one half of a pair. The indentations fit small-to-medium earrings, chains, and even thin rings very neatly.

    Thanks Sabi! You should do a jewellery specific version with a soft finish inside.
    From: Detangler | Created on: 1/8/14

    :) Thanks. Great idea! We will think about it...

  • Lids
    I would buy if compartments had lids. Too easy to spill the whole thing. Each compartment needs its own lid. Otherwise. Love the design and class!!
    From: Deb | Created on: 9/25/13
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Design Inspiration

The Folio pill box is made for those on a twice daily a.m./p.m. regimen of vitamins, supplements, or pills. It is a cut above the standard 14-door pill box and is much easier to load, with one universal lid.

It’s also much easier to extract pills from the Folio pill box. With other pill organizers, it’s nearly impossible to get your fingers into the pill box compartments and it’s necessary to turn the entire pill box upside-down to shake out its contents. The Folio pill box features rounded compartments that make extraction of pills quick and easy.

The Folio pill box is also much sleeker than any of the twice-daily pill organizers out there. It fits elegantly and stylishly into purse or briefcase, and can be taken out anywhere. 

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