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    strap + go travel pill box

    Portable weekly pill box with two compartments for each day

    Capacity: 6 capsules per day
    • Weight: 160 g/5.6 oz
    • Dimensions: H: 171 mm x W: 97 mm x D: 22 mm/H: 6.7 in x W: 3.8 in x D: 0.9 in
    • Compartments: W: 20 mm x L: 36 mm x D: 14 mm/W: 0.8 in x L: 1.4 in x D: 0.6 in
    • 7 x 2-compartment (a.m./p.m.) pill box inscribed for each day of the week
    • Looks like Molskine-style memo book
    • Durable elastic band ensures secure closure
    • Universal flip-open lid makes loading and extracting pills easy
    • Rounded pill box compartments make pills easy to extract 
    • BPA-free 
    • Cloth-cleanable

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    • Doubles as a jewellery box
      I found this when hunting for a travel case for my jewellery - something that would keep small earrings and fine chains neat and tidy. Nearly all jewellery cases I've found seem hopelessly poorly designed and often come in pretty revolting colours/fabrics. I thought I'd try this as a smart alternative and it works great - everything stays neatly in place, I never have to dig for anything, or go crazy trying to untangle a chain or try not to panic when I think I've lost one half of a pair. The indentations fit small-to-medium earrings, chains, and even thin rings very neatly.

      Thanks Sabi! You should do a jewellery specific version with a soft finish inside.
      From: Detangler | Created on: 1/8/14

      :) Thanks. Great idea! We will think about it...

    • Lids
      I would buy if compartments had lids. Too easy to spill the whole thing. Each compartment needs its own lid. Otherwise. Love the design and class!!
      From: Deb | Created on: 9/25/13
    • Need more info
      Love this idea. I hate covering the bottom of my suitcase with supplement bottles, but I take a LOT of supplements every day (a bit of a health nut) and the reviewer who said each pill well would hold 4-5 capsules made me believe my 15 or so (including those big Fish Oil capsules) wouldn't fit.
      From: ML | Created on: 5/4/12

      You are probably right - if you are taking 15 or so supplements Folio is likely too small for you. Please hold in there! We're working on a larger pill organizer as we speak. :) Holster Folio should be large enough to accommodate your needs, with 3 large pill wells in each day-carrier. We're also working on an extension of the Vivacity Line called Sabi+ which will feature even higher-capacity cases. So please do stay tuned!

    • individual lids?
      I was about to purchase this for my parents, both in their 80's, who still travel a lot (yeah them!). I hesitated as their hands are too shaky and I can imagine these individual compartments being exposed would be too vulnerable to accidental spill-over or worse, cross contamination without their notice, causing an incorrect dose.
      From: W'sMa | Created on: 3/16/12

      Thanks for your comment. You raise a good point. But note that although Folio has a universal lid to cover all pill compartments, it stays in place even when the elastic is not fastened. The one lid makes loading up the carrier much easier. But if you are worried about on-the-road spillage maybe Holster Folio (coming VERY soon) is more appropriate for your parents' needs. And yes indeed, YAY them for staying active!

    • Love it!
      I have been using the Folio for a couple of weeks and I love it! It's perfect for my every day usage at home and in the office. I also took it with me on a long weekend trip. It holds the 4-5 pills I need per compartment and keeps them from spilling out. It looks great, feels great - finally something useful with style.
      From: Guest | Created on: 2/20/12
    • Folio pill carrier
      Nice for one week trip but woefully inadequate for a three week sojourn. Consder redesign for long trips.
      From: Guest | Created on: 2/20/12
    • need dimensions
      This looks terrific - what i've been looking for for a while. agree with previous reviewer: need dimensions so i can see if vitamins, some of which are quite large, will fit in the compartments. Photos showing actual medications inside, not just empty space, would be helpful.
      From: Guest | Created on: 2/20/12

      The dimensions is 120x150.

    • compartments
      The compartments should have individual covers. Too easy to spill everything just getting one compartment's pills out. Also, dimensions of the compartments would be helpful. Hate to buy this and find out not all my pills would fit.
      From: Guest | Created on: 2/20/12
    • Very pretty!
      Held one in my hand (but didn't buy as I'm not the target market) and it's magnificently designed. That's what Apple would do if they went into pill dispensers. Big thumbs up!
      From: Guest | Created on: 2/20/12

    Design Inspiration

    The FOLIO pill box is made for those on a twice daily a.m./p.m. regimen of vitamins, supplements, or pills. It is a cut above the standard 14-door pill box and is much easier to load, with one universal lid.

    It’s also much easier to extract pills from the FOLIO pill box. With other pill organizers, it’s nearly impossible to get your fingers into the pill box compartments and it’s necessary to turn the entire pill box upside-down to shake out its contents. The FOLIO pill box features rounded compartments that make extraction of pills quick and easy.

    The FOLIO pill box is also much sleeker than any of the twice-daily pill organizers out there. It fits elegantly and stylishly into purse or briefcase, and can be taken out anywhere. 

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