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About Us

About Us

Sabi was founded in Palo Alto, CA in 2009 by a motley crew of professionals whose careers were all guided by a common desire to see things designed better.


We can’t take seeing so many poorly designed products in the most common product categories, and watching so many people struggle with products that, ironically, were created to make their lives easier. There is so much design effort going into the functionality and aesthetic of cars, computers, other technology – but what about the simple low-tech items of everyday life? 


We started with pill cases, at the request of our CEO’s beloved mom, who couldn’t stand using her pill case and who couldn’t find a good alternative. It was hard to open and close, difficult on her hands, and so ugly she was embarrassed to take it out in public. We teamed up with Yves Behar at fuseproject, and magic happened. The result is Sabi’s first line, Thrive, a series of gorgeous and ergonomic pill organizers and accessories.


Next, the Sabi team moved bravely into the walking cane space – a product category dominated by geriatric-looking, squeaky alternatives. When we met with Rie Norregard, more magic happened. The result is Sabi Roam, a line of colorful, eye-popping canes and accessories made of high-quality materials – the same stuff used in skateboards, bikes, and hiking boots – that transform the cane from tool of function into functional fashion accessory.


People loved Thrive and Roam so much we happily embarked on our third line. We were sick and tired of watching people struggle with light home renovations – especially in the bathroom, where things like towel racks, mirrors, and shelves are prohibitively expensive; come in the same old tired styles and materials; require professional installation; and are not built adaptively, to meet real organization and storage challenges. Where did this leave the renters and the casual do-it-yourselfers, looking for smart, modern, easy-to-install alternatives that wouldn’t break the bank? In no man’s land.


With a little help from the brilliant designers at Barber and Osgerby’s MAP Project Office in London, magic struck for a third time. Sabi Space is a collection of bathroom storage and organization pieces made of modern materials, in bold, juicy colors. They’re super easy (and even fun!) to install, adaptable to any space, and compatible with future pieces. Best of all, they let everyone unleash their inner designer.


Each and every Sabi product is the fruit of our deeply considered human-centered design approach. Each is designed to bring maximum simplicity, ease of use, elegance, and joy to the everyday moments in life. That’s what Sabi is all about – improving day to day life, by design. We love seeing people use products they really enjoy, and we intend to keep making them. Who knows which flavorless product category we will innovate next? We’re open to ideas and are always happy to meet people who share our passion for making this world a better (designed) place.